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Terms & Conditions

Use of our SALES services

We provide our customers with the best possible customers service. We will always try our best to ensure consistent service. On rare occasions, things may not go to plan. Please see our seniors in-store to resolve any pending issues or feel free to call us via contact page.

Important Bits:

-We only provide 28 days warranty on all items sold in our store or website. The fault must be noted within the 28 days period and must be replicated in-store in order for us to exchange the device.
-We operate on a no-cash-refund basis. Please ensure you understand all the terms before agreeing to them. If you need more information feel free to contact us.
-In-store warranty only covers any faults which are not created or affected by, any physical damage, mistreatment, carelessness, liquid damage, loss or software modifications / updates.

Use of our REPAIRS services

-30 Days repair is provided to devices which have been repaired by our engineers in-store. The extent of the warranty is limited to the components or faults rectified and replaced as a nature of the repair.
-We do not provide any warranty on liquid damage or physically damaged devices. The repair would only be courtesy and not warranted. This is due to the nature of electronic boards which can create other intermittent faults once dropped or come into contact with a hard surface or pressure.
-If the fault occurs within the 30 days it is your responsibility to ensure it returns to us in its original form. Any other damage caused to the device in the meantime could be liable for repair, especially if it affects our engineers from doing their job to rectify the original fault the device has been booked in for.

Use of our WEBSITE services

Our website if for informational purposes only. We do not intend to track you or save unnecessary information. We do not provide any guarantee that we may avoid this but to ensure you understand data can be collected and by using this website you agree for this to happen. Example, Website cookies, Login information, User and personal data and not limited to addresses and contact numbers / bio metric fingerprint for logging into our website etc. this statement does not suggest we are definitely using this information, however the nature of the platform this website is hosted on and servers could affect the way you / we operate this website. Please contact us for more information on this website.

Please ensure you understand all the terms before agreeing to them. We assume you agree with the terms if you either, Use this site, Call us, Visit our store, use any of our services.